I’ve had several coaches over the past few years and each one has offered me something that has allowed me to step up.  My previous coach offered a huge amount of value in my life but I’m going to focus on his experience in goal setting.  I know that we are virtually at the end of January so you may say that it’s a little late in the day for this particular article.  But, selfishly, this one is actually for me.  You see there is never a better time to create or review your goals than right at this very moment.  It doesn’t matter whether your setting your yearly resolutions, 100 day goals or journaling what you’re going to accomplish today, as long as you’re doing it.

Now, when I say that this article is for me, well it’s a half truth.  My coach, Stefan James, started his project several years ago where he would write down his goals and show them all to his entire audience in video, podcast and blog.  He would then break them down into monthly goals and have the same process of sharing with his audience on a monthly basis.  It’s actually one of these videos where I discovered him in the first place.  Talk about accountability!  Goals are one thing but, over 365 days, I think we’ve all been at a place where we’ve just kind of let them go.  And once we’ve let one or two goals go we start to question the value of setting in the first place.  So, whether you like it or not, you’re now my accountability partner.

Just before we begin, I wanted to cover some ground rules about the process.  I’ve these rules into place over the past 12 months and they’re designed to help with balance.  When I review my vision board I make sure that my vision has a balance of The Six Human Needs as taught by Tony Robbins.  As such, my goals need a balance over what I call “The Life Trifecta” of health, wealth and relationships.  For example, 2017 was successful for me financially, quadruple over my previous most successful year.  However, I ended the year with just 3 local friends in Denver, only a handful of dates and I was 15lbs heavier.  So this year, I’ve deliberately split the goals between the trifecta for better all-round success.  So here we go:



Toward the end of last year, I tried a number of things to build a health habit.  I did some running, played field hockey, went to the gym and did some swimming.  I ended up with several injuries including compartment syndrome, a sprained ankle and I pulled two separate muscles.  I quickly realized that I cannot train the same way that I used to 6 or 7 years ago.  In my quest, I stumbled upon two inspiring resources.  One was Madonna Buder, otherwise known as the Iron Nun and the oldest woman to ever finish an Ironman at 82 years old.  The second was a guy called Phil Jones who, after a health scare, transformed his life and his body from fat to shredded.  So with that in mind, I’ve chosen to commit to my health:

·         Successfully complete 4 x 3-day juice cleanses
·         Successfully complete 1 x 7-day juice cleanse
·         Complete the 6 weeks challenge provided by training for warriors
·         Get down to/below 190lbs
·         Begin and form a habit of a morning routine
·         Buy and learn the piano
·         Get to a situation in being able to comfortably run 10km in under 1 hour
·         Spend a week in Iceland (Blue Lagoon, ice caves, scuba diving)
·         Embrace a gratitude practice through meditation and journaling
·         Contemplate the mechanics and philosophy of Buddhism through reading and writing
·         Take dance classes



Like I said before, 2017 was a very good year for me financially.  At least when I consider it comparatively to previous years.  Perhaps not as successful as some of you though!  However, I know that a millionaire will often have at least 7 different sources of income.  Despite the comparative success of previous years, I was still very reactive which made me miss out on several opportunities that could have propelled my business forward.  I don’t tend to focus on the negatives though and I’m more than happy to learn from those missed opportunities.

·         Write Kindle book “Little Book of Heroes”
·         Launch Youtube channel and record 2 videos every week
·         Launch project that brings Leadership Spotlight from blog to video
·         Host a minimum of 15 Like A Leader Parley Dinners
·         Devise and activate a method that provides training to vendors and sponsors to help them better interact with their audience at events
·         Sign up for Amazing Selling Machine training program and sell first product on Amazon
·         Buy a house as a future investment property
·         Increase blog content and social media to “put myself out there more”
·         Deliver my first public speaking engagement or workshop
·         Devise a program to help people improve their networking capabilities



          I considered not posting this entire article because of the contents of this particular session.  I don’t want to convey any kind of sob story but for the sake of context I should say that I thought I’d found ‘the one’ before she left me for another guy.  Despite getting over her, I’ve had a fear of personal rejection in my dating life which has manifested into completely forgetting to enjoy the early stages of dating.  I’ve always thought that time would heal this or things would simply improve miraculously, meanwhile 7 years has passed and I’ve not dated anyone for more than 3 months at a time.  I apologize if you’re in some way offended by my intentions here but I no longer believe that “it will just happen if you be yourself”.  So I’m going to choose to develop strategies to showcase my best self.

·         Join and participate in toastmasters
·         Participate in monthly meetup groups
·         Create a “pre-game” routine to increase positive state going into social situations
·         Attend 3 growth based conferences to learn and develop skills
·         Create a fashion identity that’s attractive to women (being well groomed)
·         Create a strategy about good and bad subjects to talk about on relevant dates
·         Practice actively engaging with women on a daily basis
·         Stay in my nephews life by recording a weekly video for story telling
·         If my yoga studio or gym have a social – make sure that I am there!
·         Get involved with a mastermind group, book club or something similar for idea sharing


So now, 1100 words later it’s out there for the world to see – or the 600 subscribers or so that will get this.  But I’m comfortable with this and excited about 2018 so don’t hesitate to share if you feel it’s worthwhile to do so.  On a final note I wanted to share some of the resources that have helped me create goals previously.  I think Stefan James is an absolute genius when it comes goal setting.  He’s accomplished so much when it comes the trifecta and I consider him to be a massive inspiration.  So you’ll be able to see some details below that cover his programs, methodologies and a glowing reception from me directly.



Stefan James @ Project Life Mastery 2018 Goals and Resolutions

Stefan James @ Project Life Mastery Goal Setting Workshop

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