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Being a human resources recruiter is one of the most challenging roles in the corporate world. Finding the right people with the right skills to do the right job is never an easy task and everyone will agree with that. I’m certain even Lisa Meadows, an HR recruiter herself, will give a nod to that. While it really is a difficult job, Lisa chose to stay anyway.

Lisa had gone through a lot before finally finding the place where she actually belongs. Her first entry into the world of hiring people was when she worked as an office manager in a career placement company called Career Strategies. There, she realized she has a natural ability to manage people. After working at Career Strategies, there are many other companies she worked at. She worked as an Assistant Project Manager in a building at Beverly Hills and a recruiter at a search firm focused on hiring individuals in the mining industry.


Then, after a few years, she got back to working with the person who owned Career Strategies. They developed a small HR placement firm with the focus of hiring individuals on a contract basis. The firm started as a Human Resources Consulting and Recruiting firm. Here, she worked with a telephone and what she called “the book of lists”, where all companies in California are listed with their address, phone number, and other information. She called this work of hers “dialing for dollars”.


Although she has never done something like this before, she accepted the job and did well in the work. The business got really great. However, the world took a turn. The business started to dwindle and she was left with no choice but to go back to dialing for dollars. She did an amount of cold calls every day until the day she realized she’s not about cold calling. “I feel like my life has more purpose than doing so”, Lisa said.


Lisa and her partner decided to keep their HR Recruiting firm going. She, on the other hand, would look for a corporate recruiting position. Lisa then went to Country Wide as a contract full-time recruiter. After about 8 months, she left and quickly got a contract recruiter position at Disney Consumer Products. Then, after another couple of months, she worked as a contract recruiter at Union Banks.


Lisa enjoyed her time at Union Banks. The only reason for her to leave was because she was contacted by City National Banks, attracted by the company’s diversity hiring. April of 2011, Lisa came back to Union banks and she has stayed there since then.


Lisa’s journey throughout her career was never easy. When asked about the hardest lesson she’s learned throughout the course of her career as a senior recruiter, she said, “You’re only as good as your last placement.” She described herself in the work like a hamster on one of those hamster wheels, “like you’re constantly running and going and seeking.”


When Lisa questions herself why she continues to be a recruiter, she realized that at her core, she is a person who enjoys helping others, being of service to others. “That’s in my DNA”, she said.


I opened the topic about luck and Lisa believes that her successful placements in her career was not about luck but about her own hard work and God’ divine intervention. She has great faith in the power of prayer. “My job is extremely stressful, extremely demanding and I really have to get myself centered each and every day so, while I’m running on the wheel, I don’t fall off”, she explained.


When you believe that you are guided — whether by a spiritual enlightenment, a god, a pantheon of gods, the Universe, or just about any higher power, it becomes easier for you to achieve things.


At the end of the interview, I asked Lisa what advice she would give to her 19-year-old self. “Be more of a risk taker.” That’s what she first said and I can’t help but think that almost everything that she had gone through were all risks. Why would she want to be more of a risk taker? And then I realize it’s because she’s embraced risks since day one and so they’ve become natural to her.


Throughout the interview, I’ve listed quite a few significant points. Out of all of them, the one that I found most significant is the power of prayer. If you believe, you start to see the opportunities as they cross your path because you’re actually looking out for them and you see the signs. more tips can be found at https://likealeader.net/

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