Confidence is essential to achieving personal goals and professional development. It is the foundation of success and fulfilment.

Confidence safeguards us from stress, self-doubt, fear, and anxiety. It enables dreams, begets energy, and discourages submission.

So let’s take a look at what confidence is, how you express it, and from where you can derive it.

What is confidence?

Confidence is a state of mind.

It is a way to describe how we feel about our ability to perform. It is not a description of how we feel about ourselves: that’s self-esteem.

Confidence is about being helpful, insightful, genuine, optimistic, and trustworthy. It is not about being arrogant, controlling, narrow minded, or self-absorbed.

How do you express confidence?

Both verbal and non-verbal expression convey confidence. The quality of our voice when we introduce ourselves or tell stories are two easy examples of verbal expression. What’s often unexamined are the non-verbal ways we illustrate confidence. These include facial expressions, eye contact, our smile, our posture, hand gestures, how we walk, and personal appearance.

And we certainly can tell lack of self-confidence when we see it, can’t we? When someone fidgets, keeps his head down, avoids eye contact, or looks away, we naturally recognize he doesn’t feel good about the task at hand.

Where does confidence come from?

Confidence originates from feelings of well-being and a firm belief in ones abilities, experience, and talent.

Conversely, low-confidence may result from inability, previous failures, fear, criticism, lack of knowledge, or low self-esteem.


Confidence allows for action. It attracts people and trust. And champions us to preserve when faced with obstacles.

Confidence is an enabler. It’s path to success. And it’s within your control– with practice and recognition—to be the driver of your own destiny.

With training and awareness, confidence will grow from recognizing innate capabilities, speaking your success, preparing for what’s next, bouncing back from impediments, and celebrating successes. For greater detail on these tactics, read How to Achieve Greater Confidence in 5 Easy Steps.

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