When I was growing up, I loved to read fantasy novels.  I didn’t see the point, at the time, of reading based on reality as I saw it as a way to teleport to any destination where you can be anybody and anything could happen.  I remember stumbling upon a book called “Ravenheart” by David Gemmell which, as a bit of a guess, was around the age of 17-18, just before going to university.  Within the story was a character named Jaim Grymauch who was almost the complete idyllic hero, complete with flaws and a strong heart.  It was the first example of hero worship of my life.

Fortunately, as life moved on, I was able to add some more realistic faces to my pantheon of heroes.  These now include the Dalai Lama, Socrates, Joyce Fieldhouse (My Nan), Madonna Buder (The Iron Nun), Zig Ziglar, Jaim Grymauch, Willow and, at the helm, Anthony Robbins.  Okay so there are still a couple of fictitious characters in there but, if you’ve seen Willow, then I think you’ll understand.  Each of the above became heroes in my eyes for one simple truth.  They did what was right, not what was easy or what other people did.

‘LikeaLeader’ was formed in late 2015 and was actually inspired by attending two really strong, but very different, conferences previously that year.  The first was a Gazelle conference in association with Fortune based on scaling your business, the second was Anthony Robbins: Unleash the Power Within.  Incidentally, if you’re willing to commit to the activities in UPW, it’s truly life changing.  However, in both conferences, there were several mentions of being an entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial spirit.  Of course, as a sales manager of an events company I felt a little left out of this exclusive business owners club.  But I didn’t want to own my own company at the time.  So the question came; how can I succeed without owning my company.  Now let’s not dwell on the irony that I’m now an entrepreneur with a company designed to coach non-business owners.  Regardless, the question burned in my mind.

A few weeks after UPW, I’d become part of a few groups in association with the conference and I was bombarded with social media postings of people leaving negative situations whether it be jobs, marriages, cities, countries or friendships.  I’ll be honest and say that I considered the same thing in my life, but then I thought about my heroes.  They didn’t give up when things got a little tough so why would I?

Now I’m not a qualified coach (YET!).  However, I’m fortunate that I have had the opportunity in my life to work with C-suite executives through my event career.  I’m incredibly grateful for their guidance and help in creating this site.  I sincerely hope that, through these pages, you will discover some ideas, perspectives and strategies to enhance your own career and get the job of your dreams. more tips can be found at https://likealeader.net/

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