It’s funny what a LinkedIn profile says about you.  Actually, to be more accurate, it’s funny how people tend to read between the lines and discover things that aren’t there.

Rachel McClary spent nearly 18 years at HP before doing further marketing roles at no less than 3 other companies, each one lasting less than two years.  I don’t mind being candid by saying that it struck me as someone who perhaps hit a ceiling at HP and spent a few years trying to “find herself” in various roles.  I also don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong.  And boy was I wrong!

In truth it was clear that, very early on in our conversation, Rachel had found her calling.  She took time to explain how passionate she was about untangling the Christmas lights.  In the seasonal spirit, she told me about how so many of her friends dig out the lights from the previous year and they’re all tangled.  New lights cost maybe $5 dollars so we may as well just replace them and tell ourselves, “it would be nice to have new lights”.  Rachel is the kind of girl that will delight in untangling those lights and that it translates to her professional world.

For years Rachel worked for the then General Manager of HP Services where she plied her trade and developed her skill set.  Then there was EMC, Acronis and CSC before her current role at Diebold all in the last 5 years.  But why so many roles?  “I got the call,” was her reply.  “Through my early career I went through what everybody else went through in trying to find work, especially in marketing.  Then something just flipped.  I stopped making the calls and started getting the calls.  In fact, my boss now is the same HP GM that I worked with for such a long time.”

It struck me in that very moment, such a simple recipe for success.  Whether you believe in true Karma or not, there is always the mentality of ‘getting what you deserve’.  I believe they call this entitlement.  However, Rachel didn’t expect to be paid for the value she delivered, she simply knew that it was the right thing to do and she was passionate about delivery.  Passion and value!  But don’t take my word for it.  I asked Rachel what advice she would give to someone wanting to earn such a reputation:

  1. Stand out in your field
  2. Define what success means
  3. Quantify your value
  4. Make sure they know!

I almost feel bad about continuing writing after such a ‘drop the mic’ moment but this is personal.  3 years ago I tried to pitch Rachel several times on sponsoring our CIO Event.  To this day it’s the most respectful ‘No’ I’ve ever had and the only person to give me a no that still made me like them.  How? more tips can be found at

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