When I was a child I would very easily get into one-upmanship arguments with friends about what we wanted to be when we grew up.  It would start with something cliché like a fireman or an astronaut.  But then fantasy would set in and soon we were debating about who would make the best, future superman.  However, as we grow older we begin to look more realistic don’t we?  But as we lose our childlike innocence and become more cynical there is a nearly undetectable moment where our realism began to inhibit our ambition.


Courtney stepped out of a BA in English from Santa Clara University in 2001 and walked straight into her first marketing role as a coordinator for event promotions.  She made her way through various facets of marketing including brand, e-commerce, online, CRM and finally began working for Legg Mason in 2012 as Vice President of Digital Marketing.  Can you guess what Courtney is particular passionate about?  That’s right, marketing!

I should say at this point that Courtney didn’t simply plod her way through various marketing roles trying to find what she wanted to do.  All you need to do is look at her LinkedIn profile to see what she brought into every role she had during her 11 year immersion into marketing.  Two factors are recurring through her various recommendations; energy and target hitting.  A powerful combination wouldn’t you say?  It’s one of the key differentiators, I believe, that ensured her success.  Whereas most people would do a job, she would attack the job.


“The truth is that this was a need in the company” says Courtney.  “By good fortune and ability to turn a small task, (tweet a few times a week for us) into an entire marketing program across multiple social platforms, I was addicted.  I wanted more.”  And so the immersion began.  “I read books, digital whitepapers, state of the industry reports, best practices; I watched how-to videos for each platform plus social media in general, I spoke to my friends who were heavily socially savvy, and I attended as many social conferences in NYC I could find.”

Before beginning at Legg Mason, the realistic (cynical) thinker would think that Courtney had no real business in being the Vice President of Social Media in an industry that involves so much compliance and risk.  But, as I’ve said before, that’s not acceptable for Courtney Fischbach.  Seemingly, it’s not even a difficult recipe.  Add 18 ounces of goals into a bowl, whisk together with 4 cups of energy, add a pinch of childlike innocence and set the oven to immersion and apparently you have success.  At least until the next challenge right Courtney? more tips can be found at https://likealeader.net/

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Over the years working as a sales professional I’ve been fortunate to transform my intention of “working for my commission” to “working to help people”. It’s instilled a passion in me that’s enabled me forge live the life I want and, with it, comes a burning desire to help others. I always used to say that if, through my writing, I can inspire two people in the way that I have been inspired by my favorite authors and mentors then that is a life fulfilled. I sincerely hope that, through the pages of Like a Leader, you will find something that can help drive you to a better career.

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