I had the absolute pleasure recently to attend a Tony Robbins – Unleash the Power Within seminar here in Los Angeles.  Firstly, seminar does not seem to be an accurate reflection of the event and to say it was life changing would be an understatement.  However, this isn’t a Tony Robbins plug, it’s actually about what happened afterward.

I joined the Facebook group hoping to remain connected with some of the people I met and with whom I walked through fire.  There was a particular message during the event about changing your situation.  If you’re in a damaging relationship or a job you hate, you have the power to change the situation.  As I understand it, this was aimed at showing that everyone has the power to craft their own destiny.  Something that I wholeheartedly and passionately agree with.  Although, after the event, I saw many people posting about how they ended a relationship or quit a job.  I personally feel that this was strongly misreading the message.  Firstly, are you sure that it’s the job or the relationship that’s the problem?  Or is ego preventing you from seeing the truth?  Do you feel you’re not valued?  Do you even offer true value?

Alan Amling is the Vice President of Marketing at UPS Global Logistics and Distribution.  He has also been with UPS for 24 years!  When did the idea of loyalty become undesirable?

I’m probably going to make this sound like Hobbit here but Alan grew up in a small town called Grants Pass in Oregon.  Alan said that being from such a small town gave him huge wanderlust and decided that the best cure for this passion was a course at Lewis & Clark College that allowed him to travel across the former Soviet Union.  We then spoke at length sharing travel stories but this is not a trilogy.

One story that did resonate with me though was a resume he read that included working an internship for the Government of Bangkok and one in New Jersey.  As it transpired, this kid would work during the day and when he got home, would work remotely for a company in New Jersey just as the east coast of America was waking up for the day.  Alan now tells this tale to his own children Alexandra, Jack and Sydney.  “You’re not competing with your classmates,” he would say “you’re competing with this guy.”

Back to the matter at hand.  Why oh why, Alan, have you stayed with the same company for 24 years?  “It comes down to culture and respect, regardless of station, that can only be built up over a significant amount of time.”  When you’ve just gotten engaged to the love of your life, in preparation for the event of your life, who do you trust to be your best man or maid of honor? Do you ask the person you go to lunch with from the office or the person that’s known you since you used to play ‘Hide and Go Seek’?  It’s the level of deep connection that only time and experience can create.  Perhaps it’s better to be grateful for the relationships you do have and improving them instead of wiping the slate clean and starting again. more tips can be found at https://likealeader.net/

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